Portraits using Craps is a program that creates images with dice and it is developed in Delphi. According to the developer, “In May 2020, I wrote about a dice image created by cyber artist Barbara Lynn Helman. Apparently the creator put the dice according to the shade of gray that she visually found in each bit of the image. The photographs he submitted seem to indicate this. However, visually making a box made with dice like this would have been too complicated a task and probably too easy to make mistakes. I want to assume that Barbara used some program that told her which die to put in which position. This would be, in any case, the smart way to do this task. So I wrote a program that precisely generates images with dice, like the ones Miss Lynn Herman does. And actually what I did was modify a program that I already had that made semitones. Consequently, having made the modifications, I quickly got a program that generated the final images, putting virtual dice (dice images), instead of putting real dice on a flat surface.”


Portraits with Craps

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