ForPrompt Studio designed for live broadcasting environments and can be used in every level of broadcasting studio and it is developed in Delphi. According to Serkan Şahinoğlu, the developer, “It is compatible with all major newsroom systems via MOS protocol. A comprehensive, invaluable solution for challenging live broadcasts. You can use the software in studios, conferences, video shooting for youtube. You can remotely manage devices such as RF, Pen, Foot Pedal, Jog & Shuttle.”


  • Multilingual Interface
  • Smart Rich Text Editor
  • Full Unicode Support and Right-to-Left Editing
  • Preview Window
  • Auto Updated Texts
  • Send Text, Clock, Countdown Messages To Presenter
  • Import Native Rich Text File Formats (pdf,docx,pptx,rtf,html,txt)
  • Smooth Text Flow
  • Live Update During Prompt
  • Dynamic Fast Text Rendering
  • Smart Live Update Algorithm
  • Smart Screen Scaling
  • Performance Settings
  • Decklink Cards Support with HD/SD SDI Output
  • Multi Monitor Support
  • Display Flip
  • Sensitivity and Overall Speed Controls
  • Plug&Play Controller Devices and RF Remote Controllers
  • Status List of Controller Devices (like battery, distance etc)
  • MOS Support with All Socket Versions
  • MOS Live Update During Prompt

ForPrompt Studio is fully developed with Delphi!

  • 16,000 lines of code
  • 27 unit
  • 39 class
  • 1100 function
  • 10 months development time


ForPrompt Studio

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