Wise Eyes is a universal reporting tool that enables organizations small and large to see the information in their data quickly and easily and it is built in Delphi. According to the developer, “With access to 100+ database sources, including most popular cloud applications, and ability to combine data from multiple sources into a single report Wise Eyes is the one stop solution for organizations whose data is spread across multiple applications. A massive time saver for organizations who make extensive use of Excel spreadsheets is injecting data into existing spreadsheets, however complex. Zero to real results in 48 hours with the easy Start Here tutorial and pre-defined report template.  Make reports instantly available through Wise Eyes Web Server.  Scalability for multi-national corporates?  No worries, the server is fast. Above all Wise Eyes tackles the bottleneck in report design head on.  Designers spend more time on the information and less on the mechanics of report design.  The many innovative features include a Library of Reusable Report Components, Replace Parameters and Substitution Braces.”


Wise Eyes

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