OmniTime is a time and attendance management software that is developed in Delphi. As stated by the developer, “Omnitime is simple, user-friendly and flexible software that ensures a wide range of settings. It is adaptable to all work patterns and all work sectors. Omnitime is the leading solution of its kind in the industry. It optimizes your process of working time management through 1) Visualize at any moment the real and detailed state of absence, of hours worked and their relative payment. 2) Optimize the returns of your teams. 3) Obtain reliable and credible information 4) Pertinently evaluate the efficiency of your teams by calculating the pause time in relation to the worked time. It can establish easily customizable timetables based on the work shifts. It can establish a link with your payroll software to notify you of any unjustified absence. It can manage the extra hours in accordance with the labor code. It can create alerts in case of exceeding the conventional working hours which ensures the respect of the labor code in force. It can detect unauthorized presence in the workplace.”



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