Docto is a ‘command line only’ application that interacts with Word via COM to open and resave files in alternative formats. According to the developer, “most people who use it convert from Word Documents to PDF but Docto can convert from Text Files, HTML Files, RTF Files into Word Documents, HTML Files, XPS Files etc using Office Applications as the conversion engine. Docto was originally written using Delphi 7 and now compiles without any issues on Delphi 10.3 It takes advantage of Delphi’s really good COM support to interact with Word and other Microsoft Office application for document conversion. Originally written for an internal requirement to have a simple way to convert Recipe Documents into PDFs, it was an obvious candidate, once tidied up, to provide as open source on Github. Delphi was the obvious programming language to develop this is as it has very comprehensive and straightforward COM support.”



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