This app is in Tajik language for school children named Dovtalab2020 and the app is built in Delphi. According to the developer, “This app is for those who want to be a student. It has 18000 and 3 typical tests of 12 school subjects. It also has rating system where will show the pupils’ rating.” The description of the app in Google Play is “The Applicant 2020 Program has finally been completed with the request of many applicants and will be available to all applicants. Test the program and take advantage of its opportunities and prepare your knowledge to prepare for the entrance exams. The program includes 14 entrance subjects and has more than 15,000 simple, relevant and open-ended questions and answers in its database. The latest feature of the program is a general report of subjects on the last 10 results in the form of ratings. You manage your knowledge day by day and try to keep your rankings high.”

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