The primary purpose of E-Exchange is to automate the management and work of the foreign exchange activity with individuals, the generation of foreign exchange operations, statistical data and reports, the keeping of records of currency buying / selling transactions and the movement of funds and it is developed in Delphi.


  • Attractive Design – The application interface has a user-friendly image and is simple to use.
  • Advanced Settings – Full configurations for offices, workstations, users and operating currencies.
  • Standardized Registers – The application generates reports according to the templates established by the legislation of the Republic of Moldova.
  • Centralized Analysis – The administrator has the possibility to consult the cumulative reports both for a workstation and for the enterprise as a whole.
  • Performance – The application has low requirements for the hardware resources of the computer on which it works.
  • Advanced Settings -Establishing the operating courses, individual commissions and rights to use the application functions for users.



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