Force 6 is a management software for the building / construction industry and it is developed in Delphi. According to the developer, “It allows you to create estimates, invoices and orders, to follow the building sites, to manage stocks, etc. It was designed to support each user, whatever the job he has to perform, by giving him the functionalities that are useful to him on a daily basis. Adapted to construction trades , Force 6 is customizable for each user who has easy access to the software functions reserved for him. Make a quote, create an invoice or modify a customer; you manage access in a few clicks. Strength 6 brings in one software a quotation software / invoice , a sites tracking software , a procurement management software , an inventory management software , a software analyzes data and more. All created for construction companie. Developed in Delphi and using the PostgreSQL database, it is composed of more than 350 units. It also uses TMS Software and FastReport components.”


Force 6

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