fotoARRAY is a specialized database program that allows you to browse and organize large numbers of images and is similar to a Digital Asset Management System (DAM) and it is made in Delphi.

fotoARRAY will let you access, view, organize and export images quickly and easily.   Browsing through your photo archive with fotoARRAY is a pleasure. If you haven’t deleted extra or unwanted shots from your photo archive, fotoARRAY can transport you back to the very moment you took the pictures. Choose the photos you want to display – either by putting them in an album, assigning a specific key word or rating (1-10 stars) – and keep all the photos you took.

You can use fotoARRAY to organize images using albums, a time line, key words, stars and color labels. fotoARRAY allows you to concentrate on your photos, not on operating the program. Once you have created the album containing the pictures you want to publish, export the pictures to your desired location. To edit your images you can seamlessly start your favorite editor from within the program. Or you export a selection the images using the powerful image copy tool. Our goal is to integrate specialized RAW developing applications the best possible way and to provide the best browsing experience by offering lighting fast scrolling.

fotoARRAY is available for Windows and OSX.



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