Open source 3D Mahjong game is built in Delphi. According to the developer “Single person ‘Mahjong 3D’ support translations, create own ankles schemas as well as own ankles pictures and that everything only by simple text or graphic editors. The point of the game ‘Kryształowe kule’ (Crystal balls) is to catch falling balls to the basket. It is very easy relaxing game, the balls can give bonuses or debuffs like e.g. to change the size of the basket or the speed of the balls. Players are able to disable the bonuses and debuffs or only debuffs.”

According to the developer another game is in production. He relates “The game ‘Statki’ (Ships) is in production unfortunately but reached the main functionality. The game is a multilayer battleships shooter which allows to change and to create maps and ships models in text editors.”


Mahjong 3D z Eris Kallisti Dyskordia

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