GBEPad is a simple, fast, complete and free text file editor for Windows and it is developed in Delphi. According to the developer “its lightness, efficiency and possibilities make it the ideal companion for developers but also for all users who regularly handle text files. It has many configuration options to best meet user expectations. GBEPad is a free text editor like NotePad++ with a lot of features (FTP client, multi cursor, Emmet support, large search options, open big files, compare two files…). At the beginning, (2004) GBEPad was build with Delphi 7, and now it is build under Delphi Sydney. GBEPad is a VCL application. You can also configure your tools (compilers, other tools…). By default, GBEPad comes with 35 syntax highlighters for the major programming languages. You can adapt these highlighters according to your needs but also create new ones. On the Extensions page you will find other highlighters that can be downloaded separately.”



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