Pro-Workout was designed to help you get a better workout by helping you apply the concept of “Time Under Tension”. This app, developed in Delphi, will allow you to enter any workout, of any complexity, with all of the timing detail you want to put in. According to the developer, “For all exercises that involve timing, the app will run you through the workout you have created. This ability goes all the way down to intra-rep timing. This means that you can have the app tell you “10 pushups … down … 2 … 1 … up … down … 2 … 1 … up,” counting off the seconds on the way down so that you give your muscles the time under tension that will get you the most from the exercise. The app is currently being reviewed for release. This is the soonest I could get past the most pressing bugs I found in my app after upgrading to 10.4.1.  This app has many impressive features, including the ability to include .eps graphics using a component written in Delphi.  This allows for each image to be any size without needing to include many copies in different sizes.  It also incorporates a unified UI that allows for business-class editing of complex information.”

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