HireTrack is an award winning rental & production management application for the Live Events industry and it is developed with Delphi. According to the developer, “HireTrack V1 was written in Delphi 1 used the BDE and was released in 1995, HireTrack V2, called HireTrack Eclipse was released in 1999 and was compiled in Delphi 5. Apart from refreshing the GUI, this was also a 32 bit update. HireTrack V3, called HireTrack NX was released in 2010. It was originally built in Delphi 5, but later was rebuilt in Delphi XE2 giving Unicode capability and the latest and current version was updated and built using Delphi Sydney. The BDE was replaced by the Nexus db engine. All versions have built on the previous version in terms of functionality and codebase but if you know where to look, there is still some code from the original version lurking about. HireTrack has had regular updates with bug fixes and new features – about 4 a year – since its first release 25 (and a half) years ago.”



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