Elynceus is a web application to help identify wanted (criminals and kidnapped/missing) persons using facial recognition and it is built with Rad Studio 10.2.3 (C++ Builder) and Intraweb XIV. According to the developer, “The application has three main purposes: 1 – Identify wanted (criminals and kidnapped/missing) persons using facial recognition. Wanted persons usually do not keep the same name. This is why eLynceus is a great innovation for their identification. The identification can be performed by textual search, downloading a picture, or taking a snapshot from a webcam. 2 – eLynceus can also be used as a protection tool at home. At home, users can connect a webcam or an IP camera, which will work as a normal home security system. However, the information is not saved on the local device but on the server side. So even if the home computer is destroyed, users can still retrieve the saved information from any other device that can connect to internet. 3 – Used on a mobile device, eLynceus can be a powerful tool to provide information for criminal information. The application not only takes snapshots twice a second, but it also records the locations. So in the case of an assault or a kidnapping investigation, the application can provide information on the last people seen with the victim and the locations–important information to resolve the case!”



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