This kitchen and bedroom cupboard designing software was developed in Delphi 10.4.1 to help the creator be a better carpenter. According to the developer, “The creator started off playing with Turbo Pascal, but with no formal training in software development, he taught himself the basics using Delphi and developed the software from there.” Impressive!


  • Makes it easy to design kitchen and bedroom cupboards
  • Simplifies creation of floor plan designs
  • Generates cutting lists and quotations in minutes
  • Automatically saves all changes to projects
  • Allows changes to default settings
  • Offers onscreen preview of units with cutting lists
  • Calculates unit components as units are added
  • Enables printing and saving of view snapshots
  • Creates 2D and 3D Views.
  • Facilitates bookkeeping (deposits received, payments made, invoicing, job statements, customer statements, job summary, yearly summary)


Cupboard Manager

Screenshot Gallery

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