RightNote is a modern, tree based, information manager and notes organizer, that will help you keep on top of information overload and it is developed in Delphi. According to the developer, “You can easily store and file away, note clips of any kind, classify with tags, and then later find anything across all your notebooks with the super fast full text search engine. Packed with features and a modern and easy to use User Interface, RightNote puts all the information you need to deal with on a daily basis, at your finger tips.” I like the dark and light themes they use here.

Features include:

  • Different note types, including: Advanced text editor, Spreadsheet, Code editor, Journal and Calendar, Task lists, Webpages, Attachments and Links
  • Web clipper, Bookmarks, Tags, Global note history, Global tag search,
  • Full text search engine, Note and page password protection and encryption
  • Advanced tools to organize your notes: Floating tree dialog, Side by Side tree view, Page transfer dialog
  • Flexible import and export options supporting commonly used formats such as doc, docx, xlsx, rtf and html
  • Export to Webbook for web based and mobile access



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