A modern application developed with Embarcadero Delphi for the inventory flow management of a large company. According to the developer, “Virtual Administrator (AdVir) is in charge of tracking the incoming and outgoing goods of a large Retail Distribution Center. A REST-Server based app connected to the company’s ERP puts the control of a large warehouse in the hands of its users by rapidly scanning and processing barcodes of products through Android mobile computers. An incredible number of transactions are handled in the blink of an eye thanks to Embarcadero with its Delphi language and INTERBASE database. The system connects to the company’s ERP, which was also developed with the power of Delphi. The ERP offers a point-of-sale system designed for companies with a lot of movements and with POS terminals, capable of processing sales offline and automatically reconnecting to the network when it becomes available, immediately sending all local transactions to the store server, which then sends the data to a cloud central server, securely and remotely connecting dozens of stores.”



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