Veles-I is a hybrid 4-th generation FTP client and it is developed in Delphi. According to the developer, “It is characterized by advanced-guard, intuitive interface, compliant with the latest requirements for the emotional design (peopleware). The unified interface allows storage of the perceptions, clear appearance and reduction in the time for tutoring. Priorities arrangement, where the conceptual lists are used, allows the end users to orient themselves easily in the importance of the different tasks. All possible versions are grouped as different scenarios (use-cases) or a sequence of actions with effective interaction. The thing that makes it different from the known FTP-clients is the presence of a group of functions for time analysis, allowing additional traffic control.In the professional versions, the control intervals are in approximately one microsecond. This allows the conversion of the product into a powerful instrument for real-time control. Except the familiar file exchange systems, a possibility is provided for a local station to work on more than one server simultaneously. In its corporate versions, Veles has the function of server-server exchange, as well as information transmission between a server and a group of servers and/or a group of local users. The people who use Windows 10, can use the FTP-analyzer for exchange of documents, multimedia and common working projects.”

The product offers support of the following commands: MFMT and MFF,  XCRC and COMB, Full support of MD5 and MMD5, Supporting Unix-keys, in this number (-R) for a recursive list, Support of Easily Parsed List on the server, OTP calculator that can be used from the FTP server, All commands, connected with virtualization,  All FTP specific commands that have a relation to IP6.



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