Wall-YE utilizes a suite of software apps built in Delphi and C++ for agricultural automation through robotics. According to the developer, “Delphi does weed control: agricultural and wine-growing robots are revolutionizing our fields. An alternative and modern solution for farmers and winegrowers Wall-YE offers a new solution to farmers and winegrowers: the Myce robot. Available in several versions (inter-row, straddle and grape harvester and market gardener), it is already revolutionizing the daily life of these professionals. The advantages: being able to stop using chemical treatment and weeding products, reducing the costs of maneuver and limit the arduous and physical aspects of the job. Equipped with a powerful mapping software, the robot traverses the land to delimit the plots, analyze the feet of vineyard, map the future vegetables to be harvested, detect and pull out weeds, etc. It is thus placed as world leader in wine and agricultural robotics. All software and applications are developed in Delphi and C ++ and thanks to the efficiency of the FireMonkey framework, they are also cross-platform.”



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