MDIDS-GT is the Multi-Disciplinary Integrated Design System for Gas Turbines and it is developed in Delphi.  According to the developer, “this is the only free, and specialized engineering software, for the design and analysis of gas turbine engines. What makes MDIDS-GT so different from other available gas turbine software? Well, it combines, incorporates, and standardizes many unique disciplines into one functional and versatile environment.  MDIDS-GT is much more effective, when compared to other software that offer different tools for different disciplines, because MDIDS-GT is a single software flexible enough to be used for many disciplines and the various gas turbine design activities related to these disciplines. It incorporates the use of the various 1D and 2D philosophies and methodologies, which have been developed and used by the gas turbine industry over the last seventy years, into one user-friendly, versatile, and functional application environment.”



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