OMNIPACK is management software of the production and traceability in the fruit and vegetable conditioning plants and it is developed in Delphi. As stated by the developer, “The fruit of a long research and development work with close collaboration of fruit and vegetable conditioning plants in the region of Souss, OMNIPACK is the software that brings concrete solutions to the real needs of the trade. Starting from the farm until the market, OMNIPACK transcribes all the steps of the process which ensures a bottom-up and top-down traceability in order to meet the requirements of the exporting groups.”


Upstream: (farm)

  • Compatibility with the management systems of the farms
  • Phytosanitary follow-up
  • Certification follow-up

Internal: (plant)

  • Traceability of reception per producer
  • Harvest crating vouchers
  • Control of the pre-harvest delay at the reception
  • Management of quality approval at the reception
  • Management of qualitative and quantitative gaps per type and per category of the product.
  • Traceability of the characteristics product/ producer/ farm/ client.
  • Stock management per warehouse
  • Mobile terminals for a management of the entirety of the operations in real time.
  • Display screens to get informed in real time on the ongoing payments, the state of the stocks alerts concerning the producers, tonnage, satisfaction of clients’ orders rates, etc..

Downstream: (Palletizing / shipping)

  • Labeling model available in accordance with the client and plant requirements along with a training of the staff on the use of the system for this task.
  • Locked system (once a step is completed, it is locked and the modification is unauthorized without the administrator’s agreement).
  • Loading check in real time thanks to the PDA terminal mobile.
  • Automatic generation of shipping and export documents ( BDQ, certificates, etc..)



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