ERP Sirius +Mobile is a generation business tool for small, medium and enterprise size businesses and it is developed with Delphi. According to the developer “there is a need for the business stakeholders to be on top of every aspect of their business so that they can act, appropriately and rapidly. Many businesses are disadvantaged from using existing tech solutions. They are complicated, hard to get trained on, difficult use, expensive to license and expensive to support as the business grows. Businesses have to invest in complementary software and hardware solutions to achieve true business-wide knowledge and accessibility. This means different interfaces, poor integration, additional training, multiple licenses etc. These complementary solutions dictate complex and inefficient business processes. ERP Sirius +Mobile enables your business to use a system of integrated modules to manage and integrate your company’s financials and operational processes. ERP Sirius +Mobile is cheaper than the competition software, a single piece of software that integrates all functions, can be easily scaled or customized to each customer to meet future requirements, is easy to use and easy to be trained on. The solution is fully internet-enabled, highly secure with cryptography, biometrics and can be hosted on a public or private cloud.”


ERP Sirius +Mobile

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