Since 1995 – Channergy is a multi channel and omni channel manager, a Point of Sale (POS) and a full back office system that does more than talk to your web store and it is developed in Delphi. According to the developer, “with Channergy, you can process orders and manage inventory for all your channels and retail stores, interact with customers based on their buying habits, ship orders, and much more.

What makes Channergy different? It is a complete back office system. Use Channergy to update inventory in multiple locations, manage customers, send emails, create purchase orders, process returns, enter phone orders, track ads and much, much more. There are hundreds of features in the back office system alone that you won’t find in online solutions or simple channel managers – features you need to run your mail order business.

Channergy works with dozens of third party packages so you do not have to give up your favorite software. Ship with UPS Worldship, Fedex Manager, Endicia and more. Channergy exports to Quickbooks and other accounting packages – everything your bookkeeper and CPA needs is included. Process credit cards directly from Channergy with your choice of over one hundred credit card providers. Verify addresses with NCOA services like AccuZip and Mailers +4. Send and receive data from drop shippers, vendors, wholesalers and retailers. This list is as long as there are software systems.”



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