“C++ Programmers also use Delphi whenever they use VCL ! Happy Birthday Delphi ! May Embarcadero continue to evolve the product for the next 25 years !” – Roger Swann

“Delphi fan since Delphi 2.. and still loyal!” – Didier Cabalé

“Work with Delphi for over ten years, developed many projets with Delphi and teach many Delphi courses in Brazil” – Dion Mai

“The passion for Delphi made my dream come to true to grow from a fun after-hours hobby in the bedroom to a company with a team of 17 talented Delphi developers I can share my passion with every day and work on exciting and wonderful Delphi projects to help customer being productive with Delphi.” – Bruno Fierens, CEO tmssoftware.com

“I started using Delphi in 2001. We have completed many successful projects. The projects we developed in 2001 continue to work today.” – MR

“My Delphi story began in ’87 when I encountered Turbo Pascal in high school. I started using Delphi from version 4 in ’99 and I am using it ever since. I always loved its ability to mix high level programming concepts with down to the metal assembler code. My curiosity and desire to find out how things work behind the scenes resulted with writing a book about Delphi Memory Management.” – Dalija Prasnikar

“I’ve been using Delphi since version 3, from about 1998/9, although my history with Pascal goes back a bit further, to perhaps 1992ish with Turbo Pascal.” – Alister Christie

“My initial impression of Pascal was that it was only suitable for educational purposes.

A friend of mine sat me down in front of an early release of Delphi and walked me through making a simple, but functional application in a few minutes. Up to then, I had used PowerBuilder, SQL Windows, Multimedia Toolbook, Icon Author and Visual Basic (don’t tell anyone) for Windows development and Delphi outperformed every one of them. Later that year, it smoked Oracle Designer 2000, too.

Twenty-five years later, Delphi continues to perform and is still my first choice for software development.” – Bruce McGee

“I have been using Delphi since Delphi 3. I have used it in many successful projects reaching millions of users worldwide. It helped us reach the market faster and innovate quicker than our competition many times.

One app that I built in 2004 is called GeekAlarm! which forces the user to take a break every 30 minutes from using their computer. It locks the computer down so that it can not be used for a period of time (say 4 minutes). I have been using this application daily since 2004. It was a VCL application and I recently re-built the application using FireMonkey and continue to use it every day to maintain a healthy work environment.

We continue to use Delphi in new projects cross platform using a single codebase and single UI to deliver projects faster and at a lower cost than competitors.” – Eli M.

“Hi all! This month, Delphi, our favorite development tool celebrates its anniversary. 25 years we are using Delphi for developing amazing projects in various areas and domains. Thousands of users use our software, developed with RAD Studio all over the world.

We want to wish Delphi all the best. We believe that in the future we will have more and more exciting improvements and new features, more and more developers will use Delphi and C++ Builder for their existing and future projects.

I’m using Delphi from 1999. Yea, that’s not the first version, but in 1995 I was 15 years old and didn’t have personal computer at all. That’s really crazy. I didn’t use any other tool such a long time. Delphi started new era of applications with rich UI. Because of Delphi a lot of people became software developers – and I’m such guy.

As for me – I’m planning celebrate 30 years anniversary also. See you in 5 years! Cheers!” – Serge Pilko, Softacom CEO

“Hi. I like to introduce myself. I’m Roy Woll, and I am president and founder of Woll2Woll Software. I have been around Delphi for all 25 years and even before.
To give some background,, I like to start with some personal history before Delphi was launched to give you some context of my life around that time.

In 1993 I was working at a corporation who used VAX/VMS systems to develop software to control telephone testing equipment. The job was ok, but not too exciting. At that time, I was much more passionate about Borland’s lighting fast Turbo Pascal compiler and Paradox for Windows. I loved the revolution happening in the personal computer world. I even applied for a job at Borland at one point since I wanted to be part of this paradigm shift in development. Unfortunately after my phone interview with them, I did not hear back. I thought I aced all their C++ questions, but maybe I got one wrong, or maybe they were looking for someone who was already using their tools in their day job. For me it was just an outside the work hobby, but I loved using the tools.

So since Borland didn’t hire me, it was time to launch my own company Woll2Woll Software. We created add-ons for Paradox for Window which included our documentation tool named ezDoc, and our library ezDialogs. They both were very well received, and our company became known in the Paradox world. Both of these products used Borland C++ to create Dlls that were integrated with ObjectPAL, the Paradox for Windows language. ObjectPAL was not quite up to creating these kinds of tools on its own, since it was mostly just a database language without much GUI language support.

About 18 months later, I was invited to a Delphi pre-launch in Scott’s Valley. It was an exciting time with an in-depth presentation by the team. It was to be a full blown framework for windows development and database access. It was a dream come true for me, as now I did not have to use two different tools (Paradox and C++) to do the job. Delphi could do everything and do it so naturally with its new VCL library. I was literally blown away. It compiled almost instantaneously and the programs ran incredibly fast. I immediately starting working with the beta, and trying to replicate the capabilities of Paradox for Windows. It became apparent to me that it needed more, such as a more advanced grid, better database support such as true database filtering, lookup fields, validation masks. So I began working night and day on our new product InfoPower. Delphi came out and we launched about a month or two afterward. I thought my Paradox tools did well, but I had no idea the energy that was to be the Delphi community and InfoPower really took off. It really filled the void of the Paradox for Windows programmer who didn’t want to sacrifice functionality or ease of development.

Since then of course Delphi kept getting better and better. It changed hands a few times to different companies but each new version brought excitement. More recently Delphi has introduced another fantastic new library named FireMonkey. Just as the VCL made windows development natural and easy, FireMonkey does the same for other platforms and devices. With the same excitement we created our new library FirePower about 5 years ago, to work with this new framework. Just as I was thrilled to develop for Windows 25 years ago with a better framework, I can now again for all the latest computers and mobile devices with the FireMonkey library.

I want to congratulate the Delphi team, the pioneers who started it and the community and leaders who keep it going strong. It certainly changed my life direction, and still impacts me everyday. If there is one word that exemplifies delphi for me as a programmer it is the word JOY. Thank you Delphi!

Note: Hope to send video of story by Friday so cannot provide link yet. ” – Roy Woll – President Woll2Woll Software

“Developed a SCADA application starting with Delphi 1 continuing up to Delphi 7. Then writing a tool for optimization of the code to satisfy the customers speed request.” – Helmuth J.H. Adolph

“I started out as a joe-average network admin – and Delphi helped me launch a career in programming that has carried me around the world. Happy birthday is hardly enough, but it’ll have to do.

It has enabled me to build software and be creative in ways I would never have imagined before – and it’s been smart enough to get out of my way when I need it to. I’ve been through the .com boom and bust, and a host of other environments where I’ve been lucky enough to be able to participate, all courtesy of my knowledge of Delphi and its descendants.

As the 14th certified Delphi developer and 12th certified instructor, I’m proud to say that it’s my “”home away from home”” when I dive into development challenges. As one of its former product managers, I’m thrilled to see it evolving in ways that enable its users to expand into new environments while maintaining a familiar style.” – Thomas Theobald

“25+ years ago I got on the Delphi 1 beta, and since then it has not only provided for my family, but ignited my passion for development. ” – Malcolm Groves

“Contando um pouco da minha história associando alguns capítulos às versões de Delphi ao longo dos anos. Uma história com muitos momentos felizes e muitos amigos.” – Landerson Gomes

“I saw an article about the “soon to be released” Delphi. At that point I worked in C and Visual Basic. The article was like a ray of light opening from above, shining a huge beam of “this is how it could be better” on the very clunky time consuming code editors available. I placed my order the day Delphi 1 was available. I still have the original invoice. What a breath of life Delphi was! Visual development in a well thought-out IDE. A language which easy to learn and much less error-prone that Basic and WAY easier than C. Everything about it was an obvious improvement. No horrible ‘DLL hell’, no complicated dependencies and no crazy headers or awful installers. Just a clean language which produced self-contained ready to go applications packed with all the features a developer could need. Now, 25 years on Delphi is still the language I use Every Single Day. Delphi release day Best thing to happen to my programming career – no exaggeration. ” – Ian Barker

– Roman Kassebaum

– Daniel Simões de Almeida

“Building upon a long time Turbo Pascal experience, Delphi was the natural way to go for me. I fell in love with Delphi right from the beginning and never regret. I built my whole business on Delphi programming and nothing could ever allure me do use something else. During all these years I created a plethora of code with Delphi, most of it still running without any problems. I established my own company based on Delphi completely, trained a couple of young developers in Delphi. Even after turning back to a One-Man-Show I am still addicted to Delphi. I guess I am more fluent in Delphi than I am in English or German.” – Uwe Raabe

“Delphi is a factory that produces the fastest and highest-quality software” – Ziad Allaghi


“I started programming in Delphi with Delphi 1 sometime at the end of 1995.

And with Delphi came the seriousness to do something serious.
It was really easy to get started with and actually get things done.
I should add that before starting Delphi, I had programmed a bit in TurboC++ with the use of the TurboVision library and had also created a few components in TurboVision.

But really, I started to understand OOP better when I started to use Delphi – the need, the use, and the usefulness of OOP.
My first major project with Delphi, which I wrote along with my cousin, was with Delphi 1 and was a store keeping software for my father’s machine tool manufacturing company. This was in 1996.
It did a lot more than just inventory management. It even assisted with production planning as it kept the bill of materials of the products manufactured and generated complete reports on what raw materials to procure based on a given customer order for the product the company was making. The users, the store keepers, really liked it.

Then with my friend I did several projects for different companies.
Among these projects was a customer management system, a help desk management system and a medical laboratory management system.
All these projects were built in Delphi 3.
The projects came on their own. We didn’t go looking for them.
Towards the end of these projects, I developed a set of data aware lookup controls with all the advanced features such as auto-complete, multi column drop down and much more.

The product was called gplookup pack and it was my first commercially available component set.
A little later, one of the customers for whom my friend and I had built a crm system, wanted to be able to send out reports by email to their field staff around the country.
The requirement was that the reports should be viewable without having to install any additional software.
This I’m talking 1999 and converting the report to HTML came up as the choice.
We used QuickReport at the time for reports. I looked at the export capability of QuickReport and saw that it really did not produce a useable HTML file of even simple reports, and we had reports which had multiple grouping levels.
I decided to write one and there begins the history of the company and what we work on now.
I wrote an export filter for QuickReport to convert to HTML and it produced a WYSIWYG output of the report.
The customer was happy. They could now email reports to their field staff.

I realised this converter is a component that every Delphi developer using QuickReport will need. Spent about 3 (continuous) days, rolled it into a proper component with properties to configure the output. Wrote a user manual, put up the component on my site, announced in the newsgroup and went to bed. Wake up in the morning and there’s a sale for it.

So, documents became the area the company I founded would work on.

To fast forward the story… Wrote a new product after that that include PDF and many other formats. Then we did bigger products in that area to arrive at where we are now.

We now have Gnostice Document Studio for Delphi, which support VCL and FireMonkey and does a lot of what the earlier products did and more.

So, Delphi really helped me find a business line in software and found a company. We have diversified since then, but continue to support and love working on our Delphi products.” – Girish Patil

– Paul TOTH

– Steffen Nyeland

– Cumpleaños #25 de Delphi – Embarcadero MVPs de Habla Hispana