Softacom CEO

“Hi all! This month, Delphi, our favorite develoment tool celebrates its anniversary. 25 years we are using Delphi for developing amazing projects in various areas and domains. Thouthands of users use our software, developed with RAD Studio all over the world.

We want to wish Delphi all the best. We believe that in the future we will have more and more exciting improvements and new features, more and more developers will use Delphi and C++ Builder for their existing and future projects.

I’m using Delphi from 1999. Yea, that’s not the first version, but in 1995 I was 15 years old and didn’t have personal computer at all. That’s really crazy. I didn’t use any other tool such a long time. Delphi started new era of applications with rich UI. Because of Delphi a lot of people became software developers – and I’m such guy.

As for me – I’m planning celebrate 30 years anniversary also. See you in 5 years! Cheers!”