“I started out as a joe-average network admin – and Delphi helped me launch a career in programming that has carried me around the world. Happy birthday is hardly enough, but it’ll have to do.

It has enabled me to build software and be creative in ways I would never have imagined before – and it’s been smart enough to get out of my way when I need it to. I’ve been through the .com boom and bust, and a host of other environments where I’ve been lucky enough to be able to participate, all courtesy of my knowledge of Delphi and its descendants.

As the 14th certified Delphi developer and 12th certified instructor, I’m proud to say that it’s my “”home away from home”” when I dive into development challenges. As one of its former product managers, I’m thrilled to see it evolving in ways that enable its users to expand into new environments while maintaining a familiar style.”