“I saw an article about the “soon to be released” Delphi. At that point I worked in C and Visual Basic. The article was like a ray of light opening from above, shining a huge beam of “this is how it could be better” on the very clunky time consuming code editors available. I placed my order the day Delphi 1 was available. I still have the original invoice.

What a breath of life Delphi was! Visual development in a well thought-out IDE. A language which easy to learn and much less error-prone that Basic and WAY easier than C. Everything about it was an obvious improvement. No horrible ‘DLL hell’, no complicated dependencies and no crazy headers or awful installers. Just a clean language which produced self-contained ready to go applications packed with all the features a developer could need.

Now, 25 years on Delphi is still the language I use Every Single Day. Delphi release day Best thing to happen to my programming career – no exaggeration. “